zondag 28 juni 2009

reView retro inspection

(shoved by bulldozer)

There is quite a bit to review here... not only the running reflections which progress in fits and starts in between other (more pressing) activities, but also some which have only barely been formulated, often as an aside or digression from another line of research... and then some. It is difficult to decide on a strategy or to make priorities, often depending on some very subjective influences and chance encounters with lost fragments and such... giving it all a bit of a metamorphic feel and keeping it all as malleable as plasticine.
As time progresses without making greater headway the ongoing production of archive material slows the effort even further... sometimes it even feels as if it’s all going backwards... and maybe it is, depending on the current current, from low ebb to high flash flooding... (and so we come to the theme of the further research project... slightly shifting from ‘submersibles’ to fluid or fluctuating flux.)

more soon...

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