donderdag 8 oktober 2009

And So Long & On & on

RVR and back again, again,

Well, the archive situation is not really moving along – or at least it seems so, the rear-view-reviews are slow to compile even though it should just be a matter of translating the program an doing some graphic adjustments... but also the context – it has to be illustrated just a wee bit, and so the question of how to go about it arises, and one thing leads to another, ultimately leading to courses in archival techniques in Gent, making things even more difficult, since there are different ways of going about organizing archives and the different stages and the diverse needs of possible users...
So the more we forge ahead the greater the distance between us and the goal first conceived... in fact, now wondering if at all possible... And then there is the shifting world of electronic media, different interpretations as to how best to store it, and the only recently (re) formulated laws, already inadequate in this fast-moving world...
So slow, slow, and ever so plodding, the archives are being considered.

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