woensdag 13 mei 2009

a breather & activity

Slowly Bureau Gruzemayer makes an attempt to emerge from the relative oblivion of moved archives & renovations... an ongoing process, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned... but in order to get a bit of fresh air this intervention by Odie Rynell Cash: “Offsider” – a series of projects, events & interventions... this being the first... He is currently engaged in a continuation of “DSP” (Distributing experience /Situation prompted / Prominent public relations) at the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam... this series was part of his last visit to Antwerp and Brussels in late 2007.
Specifically ORC will do a performance at the war memorial in the city park at 12:45,
“this is what happens when you follow the rules”
and then (from 2 to 5 p.m.) at the offices of Bureau Gruzemayer, an audio piece intervention/installation outside. “ring a trillion bells for dollar bills”
So, in fact we are engaging in another bout of ‘archive production’ rather than concentrating on the organization of existing material... but it has to be seen in context and new material is needed for a sense of continuity... no?

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