zaterdag 16 mei 2015

Back on track (river) barge/plot

High time to update or rathe resuscitate this channel, having been off on a tangent again ….and still now,
- just hanging on… and getting things done by fluke. 
As it is Gruzemayer has an office as it were, to redress the gap after the 'former offices' were closed... tat's quite a bit of dust - years ago... what eight or so? anyway after an introductory get together the first effort will be a sort of informal info-office dealing with the activities of a friendly boat indeed, the Tenace, on tour through Belgium along what's laft of a once extensive and efficient canal system.

see also  'Tenace on Tour'

We will be accompanying the good boat through the province of Hainaut and perhaps even rekindle an old project while we're at it
Die Landschaft / a project by PDC & DMM...  but that is still a big question... more wishful thinking i guess...
anyway the good boat Tenace is already on it't way and will be ascending at Ronquières on, yet ascension sunday… but it seems the musicians couldn’t make it

 so it’s now slated for monday the 18th of may

oops, news just in - no ascension concert, need to move on, sorry, check site for next move

after that plod on water-wise past La Louvière, and the the next boat-lift Strepy-Thieu, where new and old meet…

after that Mons, visiting the goings-on of this year’s cultural capital including a project by Lise Duclaux at the ‘Carrosse’  home for mentally and phiscally disadvantaged at St Symphorien, just on the city limits… part of an overall participation outsider art project for a show called ‘Monsens’ opening at the BAM on june 20th…

( see also sites liseduclaux and monsens for more and update info...)

...but back to our musical barge Tenace - it will be picking up and disgorging passengers and bicycle followers and then continue along the canal Nimy-Blaton-Peronnes, intervening with wildcard-wildcat art along the way, a bit like hobo-signs and such, to Peruwelz, where a longer stay of two weeks and activities of all sorts will take place, supporded by the very interestingly active local art centre ‘Arrêt 59’ (across from the train station) - and there will be a sort of info-expo-office at the rue de Roucourt 67 (Dépendance interdépendante du bureau G... Depinterdep)…

more soon

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