dinsdag 23 december 2014

end-of-year cupcake

as an end-of-year treat there is a small Gruze-intervention in a multi-facetted Cadavre Exquis project developing in the ‘Vitrine de la Rue de Flandre 7’ Brussels… (invited by Annick N)

 a good way to look again at the floating island C, which had been languishing at the top of the landing for some time now, waiting for an outing into the unknown… this situation, with it’s constant change and variant participants is just the ticket… it is a hollow rendition of a cut out form of the island, reversed upon setting, and in that sense a play on Gaudi’s investigation of reverse gravity… the negative is a free agent in the limited space of the vitrine and was intended for the showcase across the entrance, now garnished with dead and dusty flies… but the lock seems to have gone block tight…

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