zaterdag 12 februari 2011

sloppy archive

Slush pub...

While going through the irritations of producing another defunct version of the e-version of the POD rag ‘La Jeune Avrill dUE’ I had been reading about the miscellaneous and began considering a sort of slush-publication, based loosely on a combo of blog- and picture-trove, a bit here and a bit there rather than attempting another website or structured blog-blob... (... have in the past been enraged and frustrated by the shortcomings of technological wonderment... still not quiet what it says on the box...)
So by working piecemeal and leaving it all open for corrective commentary I can slowly wriggle out of my own straightjacket of pretending to archive it all... which needless to say seems quite impossible... fifty-fifty to say the least.
(not that this idea is really very new, just thought I’d throw up a good intention while the year is still relatively young...)

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