donderdag 23 december 2010

early cold (snif)

Well, that’s about it then, the first decade of the new millennium. Seemed like such a promising venture at the start, but then most new things do. More recently it has the same sort of taste as the first decade of the last century of the last millennium which sort of tastes bittersweet if anything... or even quite acid. What does surprise is the speed – things seem to need to go faster all the time and slowly cracks are appearing – the proverbial standing on clay feet comes to mind – a bit of overreach perhaps? For this office Gruzemayer things have been slowing down rather than speeding up and that seems quite a refreshing tendency, and produces some interesting imagery of time and space bending slightly... here an illustration form the train, and the thoughts of pharmaceuticals this sad old man entertains while whooshing through the snow... thinking of throwing the Royal portable out of the window at speed... but the windows don’t open anymore, and it’s been a long time since we’ve see such a mechanical device where most now have their flaptops.
And a good one to you too.

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