dinsdag 8 mei 2018

double take too

The LLS Palace

After the long march from the original LLS to the new haunt LLSPaleis we all needed a breather and there was not much activity to e seen from the outside, while, of course inside the busy gnomes were arranging and organizing... in order to launch the place with a first manifestation by Joëlle Tuerlinckx, “FOR”

Or rather FOOR/ROOF if you will, since the whole thing is multi-faceted and double-taken... but that might be too Nederlands... and I prefer to consider the double O as just a double take: look again (also two O’s too) anyway, as the description says: ‘il commence par un changement de direction: la porte d’entrée s’ouvre à gauche’ Changement de direction can also refer to the new management. It is all about the space, it’s recent history, position and new adventure into the arts... Elements found, modified, pulled into focus with both associative and subjective aspects: the Duchamp urinoirs and perchance double stickers, double this double that, twin twofold, his & hers kind of game (we were offered willy-nilly pink and blue paper forage caps as used in diners where they flip burgers and fry fries...) around potato(e) sacks, belgian french fries, a roof garden (yes here we are again, and yes the association is valid) with various varieties but in identical pots, A, B etc... hopefully a beautiful garden in the future for all (neighbors and art-zoo’s) to enjoy. Kitchen becomes laboratory, edition of potential- one can choose a page, one can contribute, double again, by submitting two identical papers – it’s archivism, it’s administration, it’s a reflection of what it is, what we do with it, how we approach it and use it. 

It does remind us again of the closeness of art & life, reminds me of the reinte®gration series, is close to le vide without the stuff, or with too much stuff: l’état des choses, it is as it is, we are the ones to make it work. It works already, thanks to Joêlle, always very apt at making a significant gesture with very little means, effort of spectacle... slight modifications and juxtapositions enough to refurbish a whole way of thinking, forward and retrospectively at the same time...

A crux moment between the tall order of continuing the tradition of the LLS (387) and forging ahead with new perspectives at the same time... luckily the new management of the former chip-shop, as one might say is a veteran herself, and has over the years worked with LLS-original Ulli often and with great success... so i fact continuation guaranteed... now just have to wait for the spuds to sprout and we’re off!

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