zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Rottmouw & Mallemouw

(Rotterdam / Port de Soller)
Partially against principle, entirely against principle... The trip to Rotterdam was not entirely for the sleeve, meaning it was half way a family affair (to Bergen of Zoom) and on to the sleeve removal  (solo) at Rotterdam... The sleeve pulling at Porto de Soller was also part familiar, part intentional... In that sense only partially intended, but wholly against principle.

But the sleeve pulling at Soller was also in preparation to a future project, also taking place abroad, and which is also quite questionable as to the necessity of a personal presence... Though everything is geared toward it... Flight, hotel, meals... A real business trip one might say, and as such expensive for someone else... Leading us to the crux of the matter: most of these trips would not be made if not paid for by somebody (haphazard unknowing) else... Tax deductible for sure but leaving a major carbonated footprint smack in the middle of the conversation.

A return to theatrics... Whence once the scene was set to transport the viewer to far away, often mythical places, we now transport ourselves to far away and less mythical places to then offer electronic documentation at home... Reverse angle, slightly ingenuous... One might argue a return to the former system would be regression into theatre, rather than the more progressive improvisational performance experience, but well conceived and prepared activity should be able to deal with that... In any case there is a tendency to affix the concept to something less ephemeral than the performance itself, be it documentation in a form such as book brochure catalog, archive, video sound recording, flash memory tid-bit... Or even just a mention of title, time and place in a CV or historical overview.
(yes, been done, some flux pieces are only that, perhaps we should consider such a regression...)

These considerations have come up because we are nearing the end of a series... One based on a hereditary wardrobe, parts of which have seen use and modification in various venues over the years. A review is in order because there is nearly no projection left: all has been used at least once. Time to re-evaluate, research and rehash... With the question being if any of it should be retained as " object" rather than mere archeological of anthropological source material.

All of the material has come a long way, spanning not only decades but also continents and even "eras" and as such interesting again after a period of relative insignificance. It all depends on the point of view and what will happen next.

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