zondag 9 mei 2010

vers un fifty-ELM-project

Fair winds have given a fresh waft to the old fifty-fifty archive and here we consider some options for referral:

given.... ( from letter may 10)

Thus this project coming from another corner of the fifty-fifty universe was like a breath of fresh air... finally a different way to approach the matter from a different angle, making a broader sweep with a more general brush... it’s about all artist-initiative-type congregations... and 50/50 as a case in point... but the project is a lot broader than that, and to some extent I think ELM wants to use the specific experience of 50/50 to illustrate an overview of a history of such sorts of “congregational moments” in history (as lined up in a book by Marc Partouch – “La Ligne OubilĂ©”- as well as to contextualize today’s groupings and gatherings...

In order for this project to be interesting to both insiders & outsiders there is a certain amount of preparation that might be considered at this early stage: the collection and collation of material (and if at all possible a small brochure might be produced also) and the consideration of activities, dates and general agenda-planning.

I myself will try to glean the 50/50 archives for useable material (I have not really done much since the colloque of 2008, and moving didn’t help) – specifically video and photo (dia’s mostly from that time, and time-consuming to digitalize) and to work out a possible itinerary / modus operandus for the event itself with Dialogist-Kantor, ELM and others still to be included – ELM proposes the scheld’apen as venue – seems good)

I am also thinking of using this opportunity to try and refurbish the pod-version of LJA, the “La Jeune Avrill DUE” ( see unibook.com ) with more fifty-fifty content and will be squeezing an interim issue in (end of may) to make room in the September issue for more specific 50/50 content – so, if you might consider contributing, keep in mind that it’s a black&white affair on A5 format – and to have ready something by end august... would be nice to have it on hand during the ambulant meet.

Given the aforementioned consideration I thought it might be a good idea to reinstate a general meeting or some such picnic on the Quatorze Juillet (Mercredi) in order to coordinate, regurgitate and extrapolate on possible activities pertaining to the ambulant project... Venue still to be arranged, but let’s keep the date open for the time being....

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